Car Buying Made Easy

 What We Do 

Save you money

We have saved our clients hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on their new or used cars. Because we have over 26 years of industry experience, we are aware of rebates and dealer incentives not widely disseminated to the general public. This knowledge gives us an edge in negotiating the purchase price for the buyer.

The Wall Street Journal: “Car buying services can save money, especially for those who hate to haggle.”

Save Time


You have a 3-year-old BMW 3 series and want to trade it in for a Mercedes-Benz C300.   


We will pick your car up and take it to 3 separate car dealers to see who will give us the highest price for the trade-in. For instance, we will have its value appraised at two BMW dealership and the Mercedes Benz dealership that gives us the lowest price for the C300.This enables us

to get more money by taking it to the BMW dealerships who have BMW customers looking for your used car. This is a proven method we have been able to get thousands more for our clients.

Save Aggravation


There is no need to be subjected to price haggling with professional negotiators in their place of business who pressure you to make a commitment before you’re ready.

You choose the make, model, and color, and we do all the negotiating.

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Auto Buyers’ Consultants, Inc. provides its clients with an auto buying expert to assist in all aspects of the car buying process.

We are a hands-on, innovative company that has been in Pittsburgh, PA for over 26 years. Auto Buyers’ Consultants owner Mike Solito has been in the car business for over 30 years, starting out in sales and working in all facets of management in the car business.


Mike started Auto Buyers’ in Pittsburgh in 1993. The company reflects his own unique view of the process of buying cars for the public. Auto Buyers’ Consultants is the only car buying service in Pittsburgh that works only for the buyer. Mike Solito and Auto Buyers’ Consultants look out for their clientele of over 6,000 people and businesses.


We Are Not

Auto Buyers’ Consultants, Inc. is not a car dealer, salesperson, or a broker. As a result, they have saved considerable time and money, and they have been relieved from the frustrations and stress that usually accompany the car buying process.